Ranger Danger

Design and Development

Ranger Danger began in 2013 as a weekly Power Rangers recap podcast, starting with the 1993 pilot episode “Day of the Dumpster” and continuing on through the show’s history. Since then, Ranger Danger has expanded to include weekly recaps of new seasons of Power Rangers as they air, a series of “actual play” role-playing game specials, and the Ranger Danger Boom Room, a series of monthly interviews with Kyle Higgins, writer of the ongoing Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic from Boom! Studios.

Since 2013, Ranger Danger has released more than 500 episodes totalling over 450 hours of audio, and the regular weekly show has never missed a scheduled release date. In addition to co-hosting the show, I also serve as producer, editor, designer, social media manager, and web developer – everything except writing the episode descriptions, which I only do sometimes.

The Ranger Danger identity was redesigned in 2016, including an updated lightning bolt mark, new podcast images, a new website, and new social media icons and post templates.

“Arsenal” t-shirt. Printed by Society6.
Collection of social media graphics.
Fantasy Zordon trophy. Laser-cut wood and perspex.

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