Ranger Danger: The Boom Room Interviews

Design and Writing

In 2016, Ranger Danger began a series of interviews with Kyle Higgins, writer of the ongoing Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic series from BOOM! Studios. Conducted monthly, these interviews (called the Ranger Danger Boom Room) explore Higgins’ writing process for each issue, from initial concepts to the finished product.

In 2018, Higgins announced that he would be leaving the book, after a run of more than 30 issues. To commemorate the occasion, as well as to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Ranger Danger podcast, I transcribed, edited, and designed this 178-page book containing the text of the first twelve interviews recorded with Higgins, covering the first thirteen issues of the series. Eleven total copies of the book were produced, with most being given to creators, editors, and executives involved in the run of the comic.

Ranger Danger: The Boom Room Interviews printed by Edition One Books in Berkeley, CA.

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